"UCIP is committed to establishing communities so that all people can experience their desired quality of life, where choices, relationships, and values are respected and where they have ongoing opportunities for personal growth."

Behavioral Specialists Services and Mental Health Counseling are available to both individuals with disabilities and their family members.

Also there are Music and Art Therapy classes available for those wanting to pursue their interests using these two programs.

UCIP has over 40 years of experience in providing state-of-the-art supports and services for people living with disabilities.Our services are customized to meet the individual needs, interests and capabilities of each person we serve.

UCIP offers support with:

  • Day Services Options
  • Residential Living options
  • Community Habilitation & Social Integration
  • Employment Training
  • Life skills Training
  • In-Home Services

UCIP’s dedication and well-trained staff are committed to providing excellent service aimed at maximizing the potential of each person we serve.

Please contact us to explore service options. We would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.

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